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In-person Classes

We are now offering in-person classes in San Fernando, Trinidad. 

Currently, we are only doing Mathematics classes for the following levels:


  • Size of classes: At any time, each class can have a maximum of 12 students. We provide individual attention to our students, even in the group setting. Students will engage in peer-learning and will also have scheduled one-on-one time with their teacher. 

  • Duration of classes: Each class will be 2 hours long. 

  • Structure of classes: 40-45 mins of teaching time followed by 75 - 80 mins of guided peer learning or one-on-one time with teacher.

  • Daily Homework and Assignment assistance: We use Google Classroom & Whatsapp for communication and collaboration outside of class. During the term, students can post their homework and ask their classmates or teacher for help, etc. All Class notes and extra material will also be posted to our Google Classroom.

  • Start date: Students can begin at any time during the term but no new students will be admitted once the maximum number of students has been reached.

  • Location: Sumadh Gardens, Vistabella, San Fernando.

  • Cost: TT$500 per month.

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