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The Intentional Parenting Program

The Intentional Parenting Program is based on developmental psychology theories, pedagogical principles, conscious parenting practices and a holistic approach to education and life. This program is designed for parents who recognise that in order to be the best parents to their children, they must first be committed to being the best version of themselves. It is for those of us who believe that through intention and education, we can become the highest versions of ourselves who empower other people, especially our children, to do the same. Over the course of the program, parents will reflect on their unique experiences with their own parents, explore their beliefs about parenting and evaluate their parenting styles. Parents will be introduced to the knowledge and tools needed to understand their children’s learning needs so that they can create the environment and opportunities for their children to thrive. With Teenisha’s guidance, parents will learn how to create systems, set proper goals and develop individual education plans for their children. This program is all about helping parents to intentionally set themselves and their children up for a life of purpose and fulfilment.

This program is currently closed but you can be added to a wait list for when it resumes.

Who is this program for?

This program is for parents who:

  • Understand that they are the ultimate leaders and should have the greatest impact on their children

  • Accept the divine responsibility to protect their children

  • Accept that they can set their children up for success and fulfilment in life

  • Appreciate that they have the power to influence the minds and hearts of their children

  • Acknowledge that their emotional & mental burdens, if left unaddressed, can easily be projected onto their children

  • Practise what they preach because they know that children do as they see

  • Know that real change and healing in their family starts with them as the leaders 

  • Appreciate that through teaching their children, they will learn even more about themselves

  • Believe that education is a lifelong process and are committed to being and raising lifelong learners

What can you expect?

Parents can expect to gain the confidence, skills and support to unlock the full potential of both themselves and  their children. This program will challenge your beliefs and perhaps even your style of parenting. It will make you address all the unmet expectations and unresolved feelings that you have from your relationship with your parents. That sounds messy, but it’s not just about unpacking your “baggage”. It’s more about making room - room for new values and beliefs that align with your highest self. After this program, you will be a more conscious and aware person. Above all, you will be an intentional parent who your kids can truly emulate and look up to.   

Program Overview

  • Divided into three main modules: 

    • Understanding Who You Are As A Parent

    • Getting To Know Your Child

    • Creating An Action Plan

  • 8 weeks 

  • 24/7 Access to me via Whatsapp

  • Lifetime Access to Community of Intentional Parents (as the community grows)

  • Special discounts on all TGE products and services

Understanding Who You Are As A Parent

  • Exploring Your Beliefs about Parenting

  • Becoming a Reflective Parent

  • Establishing Your Family Value System

  • Creating Routine & Structure based on Health & Fitness

Getting To Know Your child

  • Understanding your child - unique learning styles, dominant type of intelligence, stage of development

  • Effective Communication

  • Motivation & Discipline

  • Giving the child autonomy over their learning

Creating An Action Plan

  • Creating a personalised education plan

  • Setting up a positive home learning environment

  • Creating a Personal and Family Health & Fitness Plan


This program is an investment in your personal development not just as a parent but as someone ready to level up and become the best version of yourself. This program is immersive & intensive and it requires you to put in the work. Please only sign up if you are ready to take the leap!

P.S. Sessions are one-on-one so we only work with a limited number of parents during any given time. Once we are at capacity, you will be added to a wait-list.

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