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SEA 2022, let's get ahead!

Is your child currently in Standard Four and about to head into the dreaded Standard Five level? Have no fear, Ms. Nandlal is here😃.

Don't hit that panic button yet!

Hear me out...


As a SEA teacher, I am fully aware of the anxiety that comes with leveling up to Standard Five (for both parents and students). I've seen breakdowns, tantrums, panic attacks, and much more than you can imagine however, in my professional opinion I believe we can get rid of those fears if we begin preparations early.

Yes, early! As in now, a year before the exam gives your child ample time to be prepared. Starting early means that enough time is given to focus on each topic in each subject area. It would allow parents, teachers, and the students to identify areas of difficulty and provide necessary remediation.

Starting early also means that you and your child would be stress free and more confident in their readiness for SEA 2022.

Follow my blog posts, where I will be sharing a weekly study guide, tips, tricks, and support for SEA 2022.

Together we can do this!

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