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Reading, the most important skill!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Reading ability, important or unimportant?

To answer this question, let's imagine ourselves in a country where an unknown foreign language is used. All the signs, maps, restaurant menus, labels and everything that you can imagine in print is represented in this foreign language. There is no access to the internet and you are unable translate anything. Can you picture the level of confusion navigating your way through this country would mentally create on you? You may have to use images and symbols to aid in understanding the foreign language, and this is exactly what is looks like to a person who is unable to read...gibberish!

Prior to writing this blog, I researched the importance of reading literacy and within every blog post, research document, website, and study that I read these three major points recurred:

  1. Functionality- reading is necessary for functionality in our daily lives. We live in a world of print, and almost everything requires reading. Every subject area requires basic reading comprehension skills, in fact all other subject areas rely on reading as a building block. In every aspect of our lives we read, whether it is for direction, spirituality, studies, love, business, friendship or entertainment we are all required to read at some point.

2. Job requirement- almost every job, even the simplest, requires one to be able to read. Reading is a life skill. A must have! The ability to read helps one to respond to situations more effectively in the work place. One may be able to follow guidelines for products and services more easily when he/she can read and understand for themselves.

3. Reading develops the mind- the more you read the more you expand your mind's ability to grow and understand what you read. Reading develops one's vocabulary, comprehension skills and imagination. The more you read, the more you learn.

Not convinced? Do you want to read more? Follow this link-

Stay tuned for more reading blogs, where i would be posting fun activities, tips and informative segments for teachers and parents to teach reading at home.

Thanks for reading😊😊😊😊

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