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Q1 of 2021 - How it knocked me off my feet

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I said to myself that my first entry on my blog would’ve been about how T. Garcia Education began but so far I’ve had no inspiration to write on it even though I must’ve told the story too many times to remember. However in light of recent events in my life, I felt like this is a topic that I don’t mind beginning with. I also think that so many of my friends have told me that they had difficult first quarters.

Anyway so a recap, at the beginning of January we had an influx of students registering on the platform for educational services, so much so that we had to start recruiting new educators. Wow the excitement!! My team and I were so ready to take on these new challenges and I went into total overdrive. I started creating ads and pushing them out like my life was on the line. One day had passed and I had already received more than 15 applications from interested educators! I was stoked! In the first week of January we had already doubled the sales of December and we had applications from over 50 interested educators. Like every other business newbie, I thought that this might be the start of exponential growth for T. Garcia Education and maybe I could start back paying myself.

LOL say it with me now L-O-L.

As for my trading career, I found the Inner Circle Trader on YouTube and started watching his videos which were immediately helpful to my style of trading. Honestly I felt on top of the world and that this year was going to be my break through year. Now granted, that it’s only the end of the 1st quarter and we have 3 more to go, I still believe that this can happen but a few weeks ago I felt that I was over everything and I was ready to go into hiding.

Now let’s get to the juicy part.

When February rolled around, I had already overdone it and I was already very tired, yet I was still very much high off of all the opportunities that continued to present themselves to me. It was in the very first week of February that I had hired my beloved assistant Danie because I had gotten a stress-induced migraine a week prior that I honestly thought was going to kill me. I know I’m dramatic. But that’s also why you’re still reading this blog. Danie took a huge weight off my shoulders with helping me to run the administrative duties of the platform and I thank God for her daily. Since she’s been with me, I’m glad to announce that I’ve received no further life-threatening migraines. It’s the ending of February into March that things really started going south. As much as I now had an assistant, there were so many things that I still had to do myself because the platform hasn’t reached the level to outsource experts as yet. So I still very much create all of the social media content, manage the social media, do the accounting and marketing, come up with new projects, conduct all the interviews for new educators, manage the human resources, all the while teaching my classes, grading assignments, and trying to trade the fx market.

The first thing that suffered was my fx trading; I lost every single trade from like week 2 of February till about week 2 of March (maybe I had a like one or two wins between, but the majority were losses). Now I mean after trading live for 2 years, that was a jab to my confidence. Things just started to go downhill from there.

I then found out that the biggest investment that I had made a few years ago was now possibly at stake to be entirely lost, an investment I made with my only inheritance, the sale of my first car and all the money that I had saved up from teaching; a loss of over $100,000.

Now I know that that might not seem like a lot to many, but to me that is a lot for my current financial status, which I never openly discuss on public forums like this. But because I like to keep it real with my followers, I’d just mention that here. I told myself that this all comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. Losses are part of the journey. All entrepreneurs go through it and I am no different and that is why at the heart of entrepreneurship is assessing and managing risk. Though all this is true, it didn’t cause me any less hurt, frustration and yes depression. There were days when I just didn’t have the energy to teach my classes and because I have the most amazing students and understanding parents, they all gave me the time that I needed, which sometimes just wasn’t enough. And of course, like Murphy’s law suggests “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” I started having issues with human resources on the platform. So here I was, exhausted, burnt out and trying to muster energy to complete everyday tasks and now I had to manage other people’s problems too.

If you know even the slightest thing about me though, you would know that I am a true fighter. I woke up everyday for the last two weeks of March, cried for about an hour each morning in the shower and faced everything head on. No, if you’re expecting some fairy-tale turn around, it didn’t happen yet. I have thought long and hard about writing blogs and sharing more personal details of my life and many times I’ve been hesitant to do so. I felt like I should wait for a significant point in my journey to begin sharing these things with you so that I can have it all figured out and tell you about it after the fact. But I’ve finally made the decision to take you all along this journey with me. Maybe one person might read it and come along for the ride as I try to change the world with T. Garcia Education, while becoming one of the few extremely successful female traders in the industry. That is of little importance to me at this very point in time. I always pride myself on authenticity and this is me keeping it real. People may look at my social media or hear me speak in interviews and think that I have it all figured out but I’m honestly just here to say that I don’t. What I do have though is a fighting spirit that will never allow me to give up on my dreams of giving my family a better life and changing the world while doing it.

So here I am, beginning quarter 2, once more, full of life and with an open mind that no matter how bad things get, I already have everything that I need to overcome anything that life decides to throw at me.

I hope I didn't bore you to death with this blog. Thank you for reading and stay tuned as the plot thickens because oh darling I know it will!

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