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How to register as a private candidate for CXC CSEC and CAPE exams for June 2023

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

If you are not enrolled in a secondary school and you wish to do CSEC or CAPE exams for the May/June 2023 sitting, you need to register as a private candidate on the official website of the Ministry of Education. This blog is a summary of the necessary steps that you must take to successfully register for any of the above exams.

Please note that the only authorized body to register students for the CXC CSEC and CAPE Examinations is the Ministry of Education. There are absolutely NO private organisations that are officially affiliated with the Ministry of Education to register students OR collect payments on its behalf.

Registration for CXC CSEC or CAPE June 2023 exams is fully completed online at

Before you register, please note:

TnT Nationals are entitled to one free opportunity to register as a private candidate. If this is your 2nd time as a private candidate you will be required to pay the following fees:

Taken from: MOE Instruction for Private Candidates

You need to visit any District Revenue Office in Trinidad or the Victor E Bruce Building, Market Square, Scarborough, Tobago to make your cash payments.

Now for the registration process:

Step 1: Gather your documents.

To register for the exams, you need to have your electronic birth certificate, photo ID (passport, national ID or Driver's Permit) and Receipt of Payment if necessary.

Step 2: Take CLEAR photos or Scan your important documents

As part of the registration process, you need to upload EITHER JPG (picture) or PDF versions of your important documents. You will also need to upload a passport sized photo. You do not need to go to a professional photo studio to take passport sized photos. Stand in front of a plain background with good lighting and have someone take a photo of you, which you can then crop as needed.

There are free apps such as CamScanner and AdobeScan that allow you to take pictures with your smartphone and convert them to PDF documents.

PRO tip: Save these PDF documents with proper names such as J.DoeBirthCert.pdf and save them on a folder either on your computer or a drive so that you always have them handy.

Step 3: Complete online registration

I recommend registering for the exam on a laptop or PC vs your smart phone. Visit and select the exam that you wish to apply for from the Drop-down menu. Ensure that any email address and contact information that you enter are up to date and easily accessible to you. The email address that you use is extremely important because this is how the Ministry will contact you. The form is rather easy to fill out. Take your time, read and follow all the instructions.

For the official Instructions for Private Candidates released by the Ministry of Education, please click here:

All the best with your exams!

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