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  • Fayola George

Finding Your Balance

It's amazing seeing how 2020 turned our work, school and play life upside down. Our routine for everything was completely changed and made us take an in-depth look at our lifestyle. I say this to bring in the topic of this blog post: Finding a balance.

Finding a balance does not mean giving equal attention to all aspects of life, but simply means neutralizing the right amount of work, school and play to compliment a healthy lifestyle. In this day and age, many people find it difficult to get out of that overwhelming state which makes them feel as if they are about to explode.

As parents, if you aren't right then your energy will transfer to your kids and this may cause negative results in their work and social lives. If we wear the other hat, our children/ students are at that stage where life itself is overwhelming to them and if they don't find that balance it could lead to them having mental breakdowns, turning to drugs and even giving up as a whole.

At T. Garcia Education we fully support a healthy balanced lifestyle and i want to provide you with 5 tips, tricks and tools to help add balance to your life.

#1: Make exercise a priority

Trust me, I UNDERSTAND that after a long day at work or school the last thing you want to do is put in more work but I promise you that the feeling of contentment you have after a great gym or yoga session is a reward in itself. Always remember that a healthy body leads to a fresh mind, which means you will function better and complete tasks in less time.

Tip #2: Take a break

Remember to take time out throughout your day. Whether it be taking your full 1hr lunch break or getting up and stretching every 15 minutes. It will help you become clearer, more focused and more productive. Additionally, we need to stop feeling so guilty about taking time off from work. Book that vacation and enjoy it to the fullest.

Tip #3: Download a relaxation app

This may sound weird, but don't knock it till you try it. I realized in my most stressful of times, I suffer from insomnia which stresses me out even more. I downloaded several apps to naturally help this problem and the one that works the best for me was "Calm". Calm is one of the top rated apps that aid with sleep and meditation. Try it out for free for 1 week and let me know how it goes. Remember, a well rested person is more focused and is not quick to anger.

Tip #4: Do something you love

Always make time for something you love (other than work of course). Whether it's going for a long drive or buying your favourite ice cream, it does not need to be expensive. Once it puts a smile on your face for a few minutes that is all you'll need to energise and refresh you.

Tip #5: Therapy

I saved the best for last. Therapy is something I will definitely recommend to anyone who is having a tough time finding balance and has no idea how to go about getting out of that funk. Therapy helps us to get to the root of any problems or issues and gives us the right tools and techniques to lead a happier and healthier overall life. Tgarcia Education has a wonderful therapist on our team if you are interested in having this incorporated into your weekly schedule.

Of Course there are many other tips that can help bring balance to your life. My advice is to find what works for you once it does not inflict harm. I hope you all enjoyed this read. Leave me a comment to let me know what other tips you have in order to find a balance in your life.

Your favourite Project Manager/ Economist/Resume-Writing Rep:

Fay :)

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