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Does Blue Ivy Carter go to school?

There are many videos across social media of little Miss Blue Ivy Carter dancing with her mummy Beyoncé on the Renaissance world tour. When you look in the comments sections there are many people asking things like “when does Blue Ivy Carter go to school?” and some are even enraged about her potential “school absenteeism”. It really makes you realise how many people truly believe that a child can only learn in school and how people still value academic learning over holistic development.

So I’m going to paint a picture for you and these are in no particular order of importance:

Firstly, let’s say Blue is interested in becoming an entertainer like her parents? Who better to learn from than HER own parents? How amazing is it to get on the job training from Beyoncé & Jay-Z - two of the most iconic people in our era? Really, which 11-year-old can get a free pass to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of raving fans? She could never have better teachers even in the best music/performing arts school in the world. Actually, the best schools dream to have her parents as part of their staff. Would you rather learn from Beyoncé or someone just reading notes to you from a textbook and teaching you things in “theory?”

On this same point, if Blue really does want to become an entertainer. Then why would she need to spend 7-8 hours of her day in school, learning about things that do not contribute to her talent, interests and real life goals. (Kids have those too in case you were wondering!) Instead, it would make more sense for Blue to be homeschooled for a couple of hours a day, where she’s able to learn the foundational academic skills that she needs WHILE developing her craft. Blue’s education should be tailored to meet her individual needs, explore her natural God-given gifts & prepare her for the real world.

Next, say Blue wants to earn her own money on top of the hundreds of millions that she already probably has in inheritance. Again, who better to learn about money than from her billionaire parents? How many of us have learnt how to actually make money in school? How many of us, especially entrepreneurs, would love to have even 10 minutes with Hov so we can get his opinion on our finances? Do you think the best Math teacher in the world could really teach Blue Ivy Carter more about money than her parents? Because school is supposed to prepare you for real life right?

This one is important - why would Beyoncé want to have her child away from her while she’s on a world tour? We’re so accustomed to sending our children to school while we work that many of us cannot seem to wrap our heads around the fact that this need not be the reality! There are some people who don’t actually want to lose so much valuable time with their children. There are some people who rather teach their own children or hire personal tutors to work with them for less hours during the day just so that they can spend more time with their children.

I don’t know what Blue’s real schooling situation is but I am pretty confident that her parents know exactly what they’re doing. It’s their child and their situation is different! We trust them enough to give them our money. We believe that they are/were deserving of all the accolades and respect that they have amassed across multiple industries, not just in entertainment. So I truly think they know what they’re doing when it comes to their own children.

To me, Blue is possibly receiving a much better “education” from being able to spend so much time with her mom/parents, doing something that she loves while learning from the absolute best in the game! Blue’s education is an obvious example of how it should be - tailored to meet her exact needs!

I’ll end with this - you do not need to be Beyoncé and Jay-Z to be able to cater your child’s education to suit their needs and your life situation. Anyone can and should do it. And homeschooling gives you the opportunity to do so!

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