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CXC CSEC Math Classes
for Adults/Repeaters

Achieving a pass in CXC CSEC Math is essential for many job opportunities and higher education paths. Our CXC Math Classes for Adults and Repeaters are designed to help you overcome challenges and succeed in your exams, providing you with the qualifications needed to advance your career and education.

Program Features

  • Small Group Setting: Limited to 12 students per class, ensuring personalized attention and support.

  • Expert Instruction: Teenisha Heath-Adams provides thorough guidance and assistance tailored to each student's needs.

  • Hybrid Learning: Most classes are conducted virtually, with scheduled in-person study sessions throughout the program for hands-on support.

  • Lifetime Access: Gain forever access to virtual resources that aid in continuous preparation and revision.

  • Peer Learning: Benefit from collaborative learning with fellow students, enhancing understanding and application of math concepts.

Program Details

  • Start Date: 9th July 2024 

  • End Date: 6th May 2025

  • Class Schedule: Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • Materials Needed: ​

    • Notebook

    • Geometry set

    • Scientific Calculator

    • Textbook (this is optional) Mathematics - A Complete Course With CXC questions Volume 1 by Raymond Toolsie

  • Cost: $600 per month

Adult CSEC Math 2024/25 Registration

How will you be paying for your classes?
Monthly -TT$600
Adult CSEC Math Registration
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