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Personal Development Coaching for Parents

The goal is to develop and nurture children into capable, confident human beings. And parents play the biggest role in achieving that goal.

But how can you help a child to become confident if you’re not confident?

How can you help children develop the best habits if you don’t have good habits?

How can you help them become fulfilled if you don’t feel fulfilled in your own life?

Parents & educators are children’s leaders. 

Leadership is about becoming the best version of yourself and then helping others to do the same. So if you want to help children become their best, it’s only possible if you first become your best. 


How you live your life is the biggest determinant for how the children you lead will end up. Working on yourself is fundamental to helping children. Set the right example and more than half the work is done.

Parents & educators need to prioritize their personal development if they want to achieve the best for themselves and the children they lead!

4 Week Coaching Program for Parents/Educators

Learn how to:

  • Develop good routines & habits, and eliminate bad ones

  • Improve discipline, become more motivated and be held accountable with your goals

  • Set a vision & goals, and develop plans to achieve them

  • Clarify personal values

  • Improve communication & emotional discipline

  • Become a better leader in your personal life, household & job

  • Learn how to feel make big decisions more confidently 

  • Rediscover gifts & talents, and get the confidence to pursue them

Cost: TT$3500

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