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Meet Teenisha

Education & Leadership Coach

I have spent all of my adult life as an educator & entrepreneur. I completed my Bachelor of Education, started my own private school and then went on to create T. Garcia Education, an online tutoring service in the peak of the pandemic. In the last decade especially, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of students, teachers and parents as I further developed my purpose rooted in education.


Education is not just a profession for me. It has been a pillar in my life. This is why I always talk about a holistic approach to education. You see, I don’t believe that education is a “thing” that you can get. I don’t believe that it has anything to do with academic accolades and qualifications. I view education as a lifelong process fueled by the desire to become the best version of yourself so that you can add the most value to humanity.

Throughout my life, I've been able to learn anything that I needed to improve myself. It's not because I am special. It's because I've made a personal commitment to lifelong learning. I believe that anyone can learn anything if they truly understand how they learn. This belief has been the foundation of my teaching and leadership strategies both in the classroom and in my company.

I never truly cared about preparing children for exams. My students' academic performance was merely a by-product of me helping them to overcome their limiting beliefs. I was invested in helping my students to understand their own unique learning needs/styles, to appreciate their individual gifts & talents and, like me, to adopt the belief that they could learn anything at anytime.

Though I know how much I've been able to impact my students as an educator, I believe that the people who can and should have the most impact on children are parents. This is why I closed my online tutoring company to become an education consultant. I want to teach parents all the things I have learnt through teaching myself and so many others for all these years. I want to help parents to take up their rightful places as the ultimate leaders as they guide their children to becoming the highest versions of themselves.

With love,

Teenisha Heath-Adams.


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